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About My Extensions

This project contains extensions to Visual Basic 2008 and 2010's My Namespace.


1/7/2013 My Extensions 4.0 and My Extensions for Mono 1.0 are out! Here's the change log for My Extensions:
  • My.SpecialFolders is now separate from My.Computer! So, for example, instead of typing My.Computer.Cookies to access the cookie directory, you will now have to type My.SpecialFolders.Cookies. This is to remove clutter from My.Computer. Special thanks to kevininstructor, who helped to inspire this action!
  • Added My.Dialogs, which makes creating certain dialog boxes easier. This replaces My.Application.MessageBox. (Developed by kevininstructor.)
  • Added My.Developer. (Developed by kevininstructor.)
  • Added a My.Application extension so you can set whether or not an application should continue after a fatal exception. (Developed by kevininstructor.)

For My Extensions for Mono, you can find out what it supports here.

Releases aside, that leads me to ask for your help; if you're able to help with My Extensions for Mono at all, it would be very appreciated. That means, I'd like to get more testing done for the Linux platform, as well as be able to support more folders on Mac and Linux. Also, I'd like to be able to port other extensions from the main release into the Mono release, such as My.OSVersion or My.Power. If you're able to help with these extensions, feel free to contact me!

Thank you for your support over the years, and for actually using My Extensions. I hope to make My Extensions more practical over time (God willing, of course), and to possibly expand it to be used with other programming languages (with help). Until then, I hope that this release proves to be practical for you!

12/30/2012 I know, the release date for My Extensions for Mono keeps getting pushed back, and I wanted to have the original My Extensions along with My Extensions for Mono released this month. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen. God willing, though, I plan to have them both released on January 7th, and I fully intend to work as hard as it takes in order to meet that deadline.

10/30/2012 My Extensions 3.2 is out! Check out the changes:
  • Added Fonts, TempFiles, Contacts, and Links to My.SpecialFolders.
  • Fix: CDTemp now works!
The next planned update is 4.0; God willing, that will be coming out in December. If you have anything that you'd like to have added to that update (or any future update), please let me know! Any help that I could get for this project would be helpful!

Thanks for supporting this project!

10/24/2012 Quick updates: first, I'm aware of at least one issue with My Extensions 3.1; the CDTemp addition doesn't seem to be working. So, I want to get that taken care of for another small update, due out before mid-November, God willing.

Also, I'm wanting to have My Extensions 4.0 and My Extensions for Mono 1.0 released by mid-December. I'm not going to guarantee a set release date, but I'm certainly aiming for it to be done by then. The My Extensions 4.0 update would theoretically include several new extensions, plus a re-vamping of the My.SpecialFolders extension.

That said, I'm out. God willing, I'll see you here soon!

10/22/2012 I apologize for taking so long to get an update out; nevertheless, My Extensions 3.1 is now out! Here's the changelog:
  • Legal issues present in 3.0 were resolved.
  • Added CDTemp to My.SpecialFolders.
  • Re-wrote the snippets for detecting the version of Windows (mainly because I thought I lost the originals - oops! But the descriptive text is different, so that should help).
  • My.SpecialFolders is a bit better documented in the code.
God willing, I'll have another update for you within the next few months!

8/17/12 Well, the legal stuff's taken care of. Hopefully, I'll have a 3.1 release within the next couple of weeks that will reflect the issues being fixed, followed by a 4.0 release sometime after.

Also, feel free to like FongSoft (the 'company' who's heading My Extensions) on Facebook: There, you can also gain information about other software projects that I'm working on. (You can even get involved, if you'd like!)

8/15/12 I know, I wanted to get a major version of My Extensions released in July, but several things hindered me from doing that. At the moment, I am trying to get some legal stuff taken care of with the code for My.SpecialFolders. In the meantime, I am taking down the 3.0 release (because it includes some of the troublesome code), and I am working on getting a fresh 4.0 release to you ASAP. Thank you for understanding, and I hope to have this new release available for you in the near future.

EDIT: I also plan on getting a My Extensions for Mono release out there in the near future. It's just a matter of getting everything worked out.

6/12/12: I now want to encourage you to use the Issue Tracker for this project. This can help you to get a look into what needs to be done, and it gives you a place to report bugs and/or potential issues.

6/11/12: The process of porting My Extensions to Mono has begun! It hasn't been easy, that's for sure; if I don't figure out how to port My.Power over, it looks like it won't make it into the first Mono release. My.OSVersion and My.SpecialFolders, however, look like they will. Admittedly, My.SpecialFolders might be limited, but that's OK! God willing, we can push updates in the future. As for My.Application.MessageBox, it's hard to tell what will/can happen with it in the Mono port.

For now, we are definitely looking for help with getting My.Power to work in Mono. That's the #1 thing that's needed help-wise. The #2 priority for the Mono port (for now) is getting as many special directories into My.SpecialFolders as possible. If you can help, we would definitely appreciate it!

Also, if you have any suggestions for future My Namespace extensions, please let us know! We are more than willing to listen to what you might have in mind! And, of course, if you are able to contribute any help to the project, whether by testing code, writing new extensions, or writing documentation, I simply ask that you'd be willing to donate your time to help out. Again, thank you!

Developers and contributors:

  • drummerboy0511 (Project leader. Created My.SpecialFolders, My.Power, and My.OSVersion extensions.)
  • kevininstructor (Contributor. Contributed My.Application.MessageBox extension, along with documentation and code snippets.)

External Links:

If you have any My Namespace extensions that you would like to add, or if you have any questions about any of the extensions, please feel free to ask or contribute by beginning a thread under the Discussions tab on this page. We are always ready for assistance on this project!

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