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My.SpecialFolders is a My Namespace extension that exposes many different special directories.

Here is a table of the supported special folders:

Windows Mac Linux
Cookies X
Favorites X X
Application Data X X @
Common Application Data X X @
Common Program Files X @
Desktop X X @
Desktop (Virtual) X X @
History X @
Temporary Internet Files X X @
Local Application Data X X @
Documents X X @
Pictures X X @
Music X X @
Videos X
Movies X
Personal Files X X @
Program Files X X @
Programs X @
Recent Documents X @
Send To X @
Start Menu X @
Startup X @
System Root X @
Templates X X @
Hard Drive Path X
Windows X
Prefetch X
User Directory X
Public Directory X
Program Files (x86) X
Common Program Files (x86) X
Fonts X X ~

X means that it's supported and coded.
@ means that it hasn't been tested.

Note: the directories that use ExpandEnvironmentVariables are marked as unsupported for Mac and Linux, even though I didn't completely test them.

~ This folder requires an M prefix placed before it if used on Mac, and an L prefix if on Linux. Example: My.Computer.MFonts would refer the Mac Fonts folder.
+ This folder refers to Safari's "special folder"; there isn't a general one in Mac OS X.
% Use the Mac prefix to access on Linux.

Tested on Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.8, and Ubuntu 10.04.

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